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Lord Buddha-Light of Asia

The evidence of the early texts suggests that Siddhārtha Gautama was born into the Shakya clan, a community that was on the periphery, both geographically and culturally, of the south asian country Nepal in the 5th century BCE. According

TOP Life Insurance Companies in India 2015

The life insurance policy is core importance in current situation. particularly for the bread winner of the family, as it covers the risk f his life, and in case of his untimely death, provides financial support to the

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The medical city chitwan Narayangarh-Nepal was leading in nepal among all cities

Nepal is a small and land locked country in world. It coverd 0.03% of global space and 3% of asia. it’s position largest countries is 41th. The hospitals in kathmandu covers around three districts lalitpur and bhaktapur. Comparing to kathmandu

Why business needs professional website

Today the world is act as global village. A small changes in america notified at the moments noticed at asia, australia and europe. People have left to watch televisions and busy in internet. Peoples are searching for

Why mostly indian companies focus in kathmandu-nepal for businesses expansion

Nepal is land locked country located between china and india. Nepal was covered from three sides by india and at one side is china. It was the beautiful nation with full of natural beauties by default. Nothing was to